anagement, Inc.


Twenty-four states and hundreds of local governments have initiative and referendum processes designed to allow concerned citizens to place issues directly before the voters. Groups and individuals from around the country have successfully used these processes to improve their communities. They have used the initiative and referendum processes to deal with such issues as special taxes, insurance, health care, tort reform, gambling, zoning regulations, term limits, and even abolishing and creating local governments.

While requirements vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, the process requires collecting a number of signatures from registered voters on a petition. Once the required number of signatures has been gathered the petitions are submitted to a governmental authority for inclusion on a ballot to be voted on by the people.

Volunteers gather many of these signatures, but often groups wanting change receive more donations of money than time. They then use these resources to hire a petition management company to help gather valid signatures and ensure that all rules and regulations are met to qualify their issue for the next election.

Thatís where NPM comes in. We are available to work on a management basis or per-signature basis, but whatever your needs, NPM is the petition company of choice.